Sunday, 22 January 2012

Perhaps now

American Apparel top, DIY dress, Zara coat.

As if there's anyone wonder whether Im giving up this blog, which I was so close to, I guess Im not (at least for now). Been thinking what the best time to blog again should be, until 10mins ago I said to myself, perhaps now! Obvz Im procrastinating and having a sleep-at-7-and-wake-up-at-2 routine doesnt help giving me pressure at 1am. As a final year student, working as well as procrastinating on a 1 year long project gives me daily heart attack and Im just busy getting rid of my Monday blues than having a hell lot of actual work done yay. Having said that, this blog will still be business as usual whenever I appear on the cyberspace. Shame babes theres gonna b less outfit post since Im living alone in Ldn and ive just been wearing my Fruit of the loom sweats to death (aside from being too lazy to think, I think my accidentally-gone-pink-with-grey-dip-dye-hair looks best with a grungy black sweat n tight trousers), but I'd still love to get some product shots posted just because Im more obsessed with the garment itself than me wearing it for now. so stay if you love me (or at least what I love).

and P.S. ANKLE CUFFS, my apologies to whoever interested and emailed, as many of you tracked them down from Ezter from stylorectic should have realized they are from a random shop in Hong Kong. By saying 'random', I'm saying they were from a random shop which doesnt even have a name, plus Im in London as mentioned, so id say try Ebay would be the best way to do and as a matter of fact I do remember seeing some available. Hope it helps! (and Of course you're gonna type in 'bangles' instead of 'ankle cuffs'!)
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