Friday, 24 June 2011

It's so bright that it hurts

DIY lace shirt, vintage dress worn underneath, vintage boots.

After some hard core sewing as mentioned before, I've made something I actually really like and would love to wear over and over again, which sounds really miraculous haha. I layered the neon yellow lace with some electric blue cotton, sew a collar on, and bam here it is.
The British Summer is now full on and whilst I'm still trapped in my packing hell (yes, moving, just to a block away), I'm always tempted to just go out for a stroll with the ducks at Hyde Park. I was thinking about the editorial on ELLE UK Jun2011 when I took my pictures and tried to retouch them like those one. Of course it's a total failure hahah, let's see if I we can make it as bold and beautiful as if we're on the beach when the sun shines longer in London.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Topshop AW11 lookbook


Glam Rock



Topshop AW11 lookbook

Internet is just evil, whilst I cant find any pics from the official Topshop website the lookbook of the brand has already been circulating the internet so yehhh Im so effing excited to see these, as a loyal fan (shamelessly) and after a through observation of the collections, I'm always more into their AW stuff more than the spring ones. With the release of the lookbook I can pretty much sure the 90s wave will be in full swing when the cold weather hits the town (Fav. collections are obviously Psychobilly and Glam Rock). Creepers (which Im still not sure about) and Chunky heel bootssss (which im always into) rule the season, 2 tones will still be hot, shirts with sleek coat and wig-like neon pink jackets which I fell straight in love with in their press day, I'm just dead, dead and dead. Ditching the 70s romantic mood for a David Bowie-rules glam rock era, we've finally got another interpretation to the disco times. As I realized a change of style on their images (no more weird lightings and awkward hair), I kind of stop hating their lookbooks now haha. Since there's quite a bunch of images, I've just put some of my top picks from what I saw, then I will go on exploiting my inner grunge and sew, sew, sew (still not over it, duh.)
click to see the full lookbook

CANDY the BBC short film

Ella Purnell at CANDY, still shot by Kasia

Soo here it is, CANDY the BBC short film is out now, beautifully shot 15-minute film, go see it here and behind-the-scene shots by me here.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

I sew

As if anyone wondered whether i've got buried alive in my wardrobe, I'm just coming have a quick update. Basically, I've been sewing, I mean hard core sewing. Since I've finally overcome my phobia of sewing machines and found a really advanced one on Portobello. I've been so into it that I ditched my mac and ran off with the machine. So yeh here's what Ive made, from a total beginner, and I realized I've forgotten when the last time Im so patient and work so hard on something I love was. Sneaky peeky pics for now, outfit post to go (isn't this pretty much the only way to keep you all interested *laughs*).

Friday, 10 June 2011

A touch of slick gold shine

Nazir Mazhar for Topshop geometric wing haircomb, Linda Farrow Luxe sunglasses, Go Go Phillip crucifix ring, Alexander McQueen skull ring.

When it comes to accessories, I'd always prefer silver than gold, just because I always feel a little tricky to pull off gold without looking a little bit cheap and my skin tone just look more flattering in silver. However, if they are well made enough, I still can't avoid making painful decisions between gold and silver. So yehh whilst Im still not a great fan of tarnished gold, I noticed I've started collecting gold accessories. I felt pretty lucky to get my hands on the only Nazir Mazhar haircomb left in the Topshop secret store and of course those Linda Farrow sunglasses I jsut got (they are so new that I havnt got the sticker off), the slick black and the shiny gold just compliment each other on the sunglasses arms and yes they fulfilled my recent desire of getting a pair of black aviators (looks like Ive had enough from those Ozzy Osbourne round sunglasses), perhaps we all need some gold and black to be ready for Summer.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Lazy Sunday

Vintage shirt and corset, Topshop jeacket and jeans, shoes, Comme des Garcons bag, vintage head scarf.

Since London is all about rain, so we can kind of experience all weather in one day, it can be sunny in the morning then rainy and stormy in the afternoon. These pics were taken on a causel day out around notting hill, having some amazing New York cheese cake at my fav. cafe Tom's.
Picked this bright blue lacey corset at Portobello for £2, thanks Portobello I don't need to get any lace dresses I don't like but just because of the colour of the lace. Had a chill out day last Sunday but shame it went wet and rainy later afternoon but the summer rain didn't put me off too much (thank God I finally love eating), London is just one of the best places to go in Summer.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Secret Chamber

Vintage shirt, Topshop beaded trousers, DIY necklaces and Dorothy Perkins glass bead multi strand, Urban Outfitters belt. Scarf worn on hair by Lanvin and vintage neck scarf.

Just had a lazy breezy weekend walking around Protobello and Hyde Park, we were literally baked under the sun and the Summer breeze. I was trying to wear something with colours (my inner grunge is taking a short break after being over exploited), so i just threw whatever I saw on my sofa and I just worn my Mondrian palette neck scarf straight after my purchase. These pics were taken at the Rose Garden at Hyde Park, surrounded by one of the most beautiful range of roses, this is perhaps the first time I feel so comfortable being surrounded by colours.
Dragging myself from my own little cave to the world, I'll be busy building up my tumblr and twitter (had enough threats from my friends finally), stay tuned sugar babes!

Friday, 3 June 2011

Girl crushes

Mae Lapres at FM London and Marilyn Paris and Magdelena at Nevs.

Met these two super sweeties at the shoot today, Mae in her show stopping McQueen coat and Magdelena in bright red lips and suit. Mae literally has become my fav. Asian model and Magdelena just melted me alive.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Gabriella Marina Gonzalez: Sinister Sights in Synthetic Moonlight

Really, in terms of dream shoes, I guess Christian Louboutin is on my top 10, but Gabriella's shoes are definitely on my top 3, I remember I stumbled upon her stuff at Machine-A, was absolutely in awe of them and said to my self, this is something else. I was lucky enough to meet her briefly for a shoot few months back and gone emotionally attached with her designs since then. I've got her look book few weeks ago and have been planning to share them here, Gabriella's AW11 collection, 'Sinister Sights in Synthetic Moonlight' was a visual demonstration of the designer's inspiration from Sean Wild's video. The collection includes the designer's signature knitted dress with tough leather amour, has harmonized contrasting materials like wool and leather. The lookbook for the collection somehow just gave me a really romantic vibe and I can't agree more with the designer said, 'I think there are thousands of people out there just like me who are preparing for a universal change.' click to see the interview of her by Pas un Autre.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Nostalgic hues

Vintage Yellow sheer shirt and dress, Topshop Leight jeans, vintage boots.

As a hidden fan of bright bold colour, I couldn't resist getting a bit of colours in my wardrobe this season. Summer is all about colours but there's not much chance that you are this spoiled with choices, especially I was at Amsterdam, I got inspired by the city (lame) and the national sweetheart Miffy (even lamer and this is just what I dub this little rabbit as), I did a few shots with me wear some contrasted tones like yellow and blue, looking like a prep school kid in this blue dress and a bit like my mom in the jeans, just nothing contemporary popped on my mind haha.I guess having a bit of a colour advanture does brighten up my inner moody teenage hhaha