Sunday, 30 January 2011

We'll get together when the sun goes down

Zara coat, Asos shirt, Beyond retro skirt, American Apparel over-knees.
Illustration by Nieki.
Song of the day: Laza Morgan: This Girl

I've been looking for sleeveless shirts like mad since I bought one during Christmas. I got this shirt from ASOS and its great except I need to do some ironing apart from removing it from the packaging before putting it on *laughs*.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Places exist Just when we need them, and times like this Just when we need them

Zara faux fur coat, vintage shirt, Topshop Jumper and leggings.
Urban outfitters belt, vintage Chelsea boots, Comme des Garcons bag.
song of the day: Au Revoir Simone - Tell me (Clock Opera Remix)

I've been wanting a coat like this despite my boyfriend said it makes me look like a walking mob *laughs*, would be amazing to team this coat up with some fierce heels but I was about to go to some car boots sales (turns out they're not on today, mehhh). Still I love mixing something dressy with something casual, that's why I can't really have my style glued onto one place (and maybe this is why Ive got quite a schizophrenic wardrobe? *laughs*). I'm absolutely in love with the jumper since they've got sort of a peek-a-boo feature, and with those metallic cords hanging along the ribs I think it can sort of make any outfit look interesting. (this explains why I want the whole Craig Lawrence collection ;p). It's far too cold outside, so I better have a cozy night in ♥

Friday, 28 January 2011

Let's take a day off

wearing Topshop coat and leather shoulder turtle neck, Christopher Kane biker blouse, vintage skirt,
vintage chelsea boots, DIY necklace
Elle Collections SS11 issue, Acne paper FW10/11 issue. Norwegian Wood by Murakami, vintage pleat skirt.

I'm in the middle of my longest weekend since Christmas (yeh since Christmas since I didn't really have a chilled holiday eek). I haven't been visiting Portobello market on a Friday as I started my placement year (FYI the market is just right at the corner of my place). Friday has always been my favourite day to shop at the Portobello and it sort of brighten up my day when I got my hands on a vintage mid length pleat skirt for a fiver eehhe. Despite the painstakingly cold weather, I managed to grab some mags and finally a copy of Murakami at Oxfam yayy. I've also got the Acne paper and the newest issue of Elle Collection. I can't explain how much I love this supplement (as well as the magazine itself to be honest). I feel like I'm gonna do a proper post on this supplement and how I pathetically got lured by its layout and found out the supplement itself is amaaazing.
I'm wearing a Chris Kane biker blouse which I had been lusting after since I saw it, and what's better than getting something you want the most from the season, by your fav. designer, and with a price reduced from £800? The blouse looks great wearing as a top but its just too cold for today, will try to get a proper shot for it, just to show some respect *laughs*. Having myself grabbed heaps of information, right now I'm gonna shut myself at home and do some reading and drawing. Have a fab weekend everyone <3

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Na na new Nails

Nail lacquer by American Apparel in Downtown LA. Leopard print nail sticker from Primark.

Just don't feel like stabbing myself with my chunky rings at work and I was bored. They actually look alright from a social distance (does this word even exist?), would love to pay WAH nails a visit when Im not as broke *laughs*


As I tried to stuff myself with information this week because of the Menswear fashion week, I feel like I need to get some pictures updated since I've just finished my placement at Dazed and hopefully I would be able to write about my new placement which starts this week ehhhe. It's been really amazing to be part of the team. It's still kind of surreal to have worked with my favourite stylist in the world (aka Katie Shillingford, duuuhh), photographers that blew my mind away, and I enjoyed being so carried away by things in the cupboard (I was often being found out wearing outrageous samples whilst I was tidying up the place llloollz). With myself being myself, I was pretty amazed by how lucky I was since I don't hate it after I work at Dazed (Sometimes when expectations and reality don't meet.), in fact I love this magazine, this place even more. I wish sometimes after I graduate I can go back and to work with this amazing team again. I believe the end of every journey is the beginning for the journey way home.
With lots of love,

Monday, 24 January 2011

Behind the scene: Dazed Feb2011 issue: The birds and the flying fantasies

Dazed Feb 2011 issue, Louis Vuitton and Chanel features. Styling by Katie Shillngford, Photography by Mel Bles. Models Flaviana and Ling Ling at Next.

Yay and here we are. Some more behind the scenes from this issue's Dazed.
Enjoy <3

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Behind the scene: Dazed Feb2011 issue: Andrea Riseborough - A taste for danger

Dazed February 2011 Issue behind the scene cover shoot. Styling by Katie Shillingford, Photography by Rankin, starring Andrea Riseborough.

It was quite an accident that I went to the shoot since Katie asked me if I wanna tag along when I bumped into her on my way back to the office the other day. So that's the first time I went to a Dazed shoot and all I could say it, I died. Everything and everyone were amazing, Andrea was great and she is such a great actress (Ive never seen her performance but you can tell when she poses). Of course, things just can't go wrong if Rankin did the photography. He was one of the nicest and greatest photographer I've seen. I was pretty much blown away by how great the team understood the power of visual language and the ability to transform ideas into something tangible. Every shot came out amazing, and of course, Katie's styling won me over as usual (you can make Haider Ackermann and Givenchy looked oriental, isn't that greeeaatt?). Dazed February 2011 issue is out now, so be sure you get your hands on a copy :)!

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Le Gâteau

Vintage Benetton kids red coat, DIY collar, random dress in my wardrobe. Customized grey sweat. Topshop cropped jumper, vintage scarf.

Just a slight nostalgic drift to the 60s.