Thursday, 18 August 2011


Topshop boutique Tee, Hair by Oscar at Hair Stage Central

If life is about decisions, the worst thing you can do is to live in dilemmas.
It might sound completely nuts to spend a few hundred pounds, take 15 hours to bleach your hair to death and feel sort of empowered at the end, and this is what I did. Having myself patiently waited for more than a year, I did what I promised to myself.
Ever feel caged by something you don't like? whether its by how you look, by someone you can't let go of, by a job that you never liked, or by your past, do anything as long as you can free yourself.
whether you spend a fortune try to steal someone's style, risk your credit and dignity to break a relationship you hate, or unfriend some one you've been hating for centuries, do it and stop being a hypocrite to anyone and to yourself.
Yes people make assumptions. but before wasting time and effort to hate something or someone, ask yourself, how well they know you, and how much they know of their real self?
If that's your decision, who is gonna be in position to judge?
Do what you believe in , even its just as ridiculous as hearing bleaching your hair gives you super power to deal with anything, do it.
because there's nothing feels better than to be honest to yourself.

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