Saturday, 16 July 2011

Tribal witch

Christopher Kane for Topshop body, random skirt, vintage boot and customized vintage leather jacket.

It's 4am and Im indulging myself for some blog updates since I'm too busy for anything. After a seemed-to-be-never-ending packing and moving hell, drifting between 2 options,to move or not to move, I decided to move-but-no-let's-stay-but-hey-its-better-to-move-but-no-it's-such-a-hassle-oh-fuck-it-just-move-and-oh-fuck-it-we-should-stay. So it means I've successfully postponed the moving date to next yearrr, but sadly it doesnt guarantee any fuss free business, work then got hectic but I'm gonna be taking a temp break for Hong Kong as well as some serious projects I've been owing someone for a century. So yehh now I just quickly adjusted some contrast and bit and bobs for the pic and just put them up. I know this is like ancient Greek history in the fashion timeline, taken on a very sunny afternoon few weeks back (I got rid of my tights in the phone box, it was this hot) and I can still feel the heat (despite the fact that it gets chilly at night again). After a painstakingly long hunt for this Chris Kane for Topshop body its finally mine. I guess it really depends on how you work this out to make fast fashion lasts longer, I'm pretty sure this will always be one of my fav. designs by Chris Kane, and I'm now paying respect to it with styling myself like a tribal witch. Hair is a mess I know and it will soon be fixed, really decently. After a year I can finally be honest to myself and show some appreciation to my hair. Summer is here and so does my last ever Summer vacation, lets not waste it (we'll see lolz).