Saturday, 4 June 2011

Secret Chamber

Vintage shirt, Topshop beaded trousers, DIY necklaces and Dorothy Perkins glass bead multi strand, Urban Outfitters belt. Scarf worn on hair by Lanvin and vintage neck scarf.

Just had a lazy breezy weekend walking around Protobello and Hyde Park, we were literally baked under the sun and the Summer breeze. I was trying to wear something with colours (my inner grunge is taking a short break after being over exploited), so i just threw whatever I saw on my sofa and I just worn my Mondrian palette neck scarf straight after my purchase. These pics were taken at the Rose Garden at Hyde Park, surrounded by one of the most beautiful range of roses, this is perhaps the first time I feel so comfortable being surrounded by colours.
Dragging myself from my own little cave to the world, I'll be busy building up my tumblr and twitter (had enough threats from my friends finally), stay tuned sugar babes!

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  1. Just discovered your amazing blog, and you go to central saint martins!!! Great styling, now following