Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Nostalgic hues

Vintage Yellow sheer shirt and dress, Topshop Leight jeans, vintage boots.

As a hidden fan of bright bold colour, I couldn't resist getting a bit of colours in my wardrobe this season. Summer is all about colours but there's not much chance that you are this spoiled with choices, especially I was at Amsterdam, I got inspired by the city (lame) and the national sweetheart Miffy (even lamer and this is just what I dub this little rabbit as), I did a few shots with me wear some contrasted tones like yellow and blue, looking like a prep school kid in this blue dress and a bit like my mom in the jeans, just nothing contemporary popped on my mind haha.I guess having a bit of a colour advanture does brighten up my inner moody teenage hhaha

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