Friday, 10 June 2011

A touch of slick gold shine

Nazir Mazhar for Topshop geometric wing haircomb, Linda Farrow Luxe sunglasses, Go Go Phillip crucifix ring, Alexander McQueen skull ring.

When it comes to accessories, I'd always prefer silver than gold, just because I always feel a little tricky to pull off gold without looking a little bit cheap and my skin tone just look more flattering in silver. However, if they are well made enough, I still can't avoid making painful decisions between gold and silver. So yehh whilst Im still not a great fan of tarnished gold, I noticed I've started collecting gold accessories. I felt pretty lucky to get my hands on the only Nazir Mazhar haircomb left in the Topshop secret store and of course those Linda Farrow sunglasses I jsut got (they are so new that I havnt got the sticker off), the slick black and the shiny gold just compliment each other on the sunglasses arms and yes they fulfilled my recent desire of getting a pair of black aviators (looks like Ive had enough from those Ozzy Osbourne round sunglasses), perhaps we all need some gold and black to be ready for Summer.

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