Friday, 24 June 2011

It's so bright that it hurts

DIY lace shirt, vintage dress worn underneath, vintage boots.

After some hard core sewing as mentioned before, I've made something I actually really like and would love to wear over and over again, which sounds really miraculous haha. I layered the neon yellow lace with some electric blue cotton, sew a collar on, and bam here it is.
The British Summer is now full on and whilst I'm still trapped in my packing hell (yes, moving, just to a block away), I'm always tempted to just go out for a stroll with the ducks at Hyde Park. I was thinking about the editorial on ELLE UK Jun2011 when I took my pictures and tried to retouch them like those one. Of course it's a total failure hahah, let's see if I we can make it as bold and beautiful as if we're on the beach when the sun shines longer in London.

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