Thursday, 12 May 2011

Say oui to Winter! Topshop AW11 press day

This is probably the millionth time I said I love Topshop, so its press day is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated one on my schedule. I was lucky enough to be working around central on Wednesday so I popped myself into their show venue just off Carnaby Street along with the other press days in the Arcadia Group. So, Confession, it was not as great as I expected (still love you Topshop), maybe I saw their last press day solely on pictures from other blogs and gave myself the wildest expectation haha. However Topshop never fails to surprise so I am literally making a visual wishlist, fully on display to you all hehe.

I don't know if it was just me or Topshop really has gone grown up this winter. Feminine dresses in grown up silhouettes , darker shades and a range of materials which you didn't expect to see from Topshop, I love most of them but I'm still giggly when I saw those short embellished dresses (I'm someone who can only wear a long skirt as a dress and a midi skirt into a maxi), not to mention A LOT OF pony skins. The Unique collection surprised me with really lush materials, devore dress and furry coats. Indeed I'm not a big fan of dressing like a dalmatian but that coat really made me swoon♥

shirt with embellishments? Mega YES pllleeasee
These are some true disco pants!
I don't care if I looked like a walking mango, I want this
finally some affordable options for crazy wiggy faux furs

One of the biggest surprises is definitely their jewellery, I literally looked at the collection once, twice, and thrice until I believe they are from Topshop. I wasn't extremely crazy about Pamela Love's collaboration which is about to out next week when I saw the press images (ok slap me because I did expect some imitations of her famous talon cuffs) and I'm not good friends with boho style jewellery, so I had a chill ran through my spine when I saw these jewellery, their spike rings and those nearly-plastic-coloured beetle rings are so worth hunting for!

I've also visited the press days of the rest of the group but I was busy going on another press day and some sourcing for shoots , will group them all in a post shortly, and more exciting stuff coming!

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