Saturday, 28 May 2011

Say oui to Winter! Arcadia group press day

I know its been a while since I last blogged and I was surprised that I didn't get zero page views any day so far, so the guilt of not posting won over my post holiday depression because I've got quite a bit of interesting adventures to tell (and of course I'm trying not to let anyone down eehhe), there's another blogging marathon to go. As promised I'm grouping pic Ive got for the Arcadia Group press day image in a post to show you all some highlights. It's no surprised Topshop is pretty much everyone's fav. in the group but Miss Selfridge and Dorothy Perkins have been wow-ed me quite often recently. Speaking of trendy pretty clothes with a more friendly prices, they have been doing quite a great job and seemed to be going stronger for the coming season. As a matter of fact, I was not a fan of Dorothy Perkins since my impression of the store was boring work wear and fail save, elegant dresses, somehow they were too elegant to me (it explains when I constantly feel like i'm never gonna have an appropriate outfit to meet anyone's parents because they're just gonna be too distracted by the lace of my underwear). However I can see Dorothy Perkins has been giving itself a makeover and their stuff are actually worth lusting after, I feel like I'm gonna visit its website everyday and hunt those lovely pieces down.
We're still not letting go of lace and panels this winter, the lace panel dress on the left is my favourite, and it looks surprisingly good with a turban.
Leopards? Devore? what else do you want for your Winter wardrobe? <3
Perhaps I haven't mentioned how many shirt/ shirt dresses/ basically anything with a collar I've got this season and I'm obviously still not getting over it <3
Colour blocking in Winter is no news to me after rummaging through a bunch of press days, and we are not in fear because even we can't afford Jil Sander and Dries, we've got Dottie P!
Is it just me or if anyone noticed that sometimes Dorothy Perkins does have something really similar to topshop? I've got a pair of cream tapered trousers with the exact same embroidery on. Now I saw this sheer white shirt, with embroidery, I've got every box checked.
Snake skin in bright satsuma shade, I can't decide between the boots and the heels...

I can't always do big earrings because they are too heavy and I'll just look ridiculous with some a foot long earrings dangling beside my 5 foot frame, but these earrings are such great find that they worth getting even for decorations!

I guess I'm in no difference with any starving little fashion lovers who would take a century to ponder whether or not to get something great. Having a second look of these pieces I can see they are expecting me haha, so fingers crossed I can snap them all up when the season begins!

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