Thursday, 14 April 2011

Wreck your nerves with Holly Fulton, James Long and Craig Lawrence

I've been waiting to have this post published but I'm still busy with press days. So yeh you see I'm now trying to be super efficient and aiming to bombard you with posts haha. I went down to Fashion East at Brick Lane for the Holly Fulton, James Long and Craig Lawrence sample sales plus private order night on Wednesday. It was amazing to see all their AW11 collection in zero distant and the designers were actually there that night! Sadly, I didn't know which part of me gone wrong I just got super duper nervous as I went in (Its just not cool to get starstruck in this situation i know). Everybody was really friendly especially James, but shame I just didnt know what to respond (guess I hadnt sleep well the night before *sob*) It's better to say itsa private order than a sample sale because basically only Holly's collection was having an actual sale. But still the collections were amazing and I was pretty much dead when I saw Craig's collection. Since I was still undergoing a painstaking save up plan for a birthday present (yes I'm getting it for myself, to celebrate I'm going old), I didn't have a lot of money for a top or a dress from Craig. However I cant help but appreciating how beautifully the collections were made (to all of them), at last I ordered a pair of Craig Lawrence's arm warmer, as shown on the last image, but specially made in black, I seriously can't wait to receiving one of Craig's AW11 piece, hopefully they will be on the blog in 2 weeks!

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