Friday, 1 April 2011

Slit Peek

Topshop split back blazer, customized H&M studded collar shirt. Topshop crop top and harness. Shoes, as previous post. Vintage sunglasses.

I'm still pretty excited to play around with these shoes while I've started a little wardrobe revamping (rediscovering your wardrobe seemed to be a pretty good way to cure a barely-there shopping ban trauma). As the weather gets warmer I fished this Topshop blazer out under a bunch of coats and jackets hanging patiently behind my door. At one point I wore this blazer more than I worn my pjs (well maybe not), whilst you need to dress up for a formal occasion you can still have a little bit of fun, the blazer and the harness can make themselves quite a great combo. Having the sun stayed longer and longer does trigger some desire to bare yourself a little, I can't wait for a sunny day where I won't catch a cold with some midriff revealed and team my top with some leggings and reveal my inner grunge haha.

Will keep posting some other favourite pieces in my closet which I heartlessly abandoned them for a while *sobs*, and some more about my new job as well ♥

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