Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Say oui to Winter! Matches press day

The press day marathon has got a short break since its Easter, but good things always comes to people who are willing to wait, sooo I just popped down to Matches with Claudia for their press day. Matches has always got a great selection, even I'm not a frequent visitor (just because I'm not always that loaded ahah). Considering Matches is trying to bring everything in house and moving their press office to Marylebone soon so I guess they are just gonna go bigger and bolder in the coming season!

Mad prints, AW just can't be bolder, love.

To be honest Matches isnt the most daring shop in terms of their selection I've seen (Long live Machine-A), but they do have a good eye spotting amazing but also easy-to-wear pieces, after all not everyone wants to be Gaga ehha.

Having realized I kept taking pictures of garments before knowing a lot of them are by Phillip Lim, I now cant not admit why this label is so It, everything is just so easy to pull off but so special and so now, not to mention those boots I saw in Harvey Nics, I'm an official fan of Phillip Lim.
Carven Lace is great <3

I'm still not tired of press days whilst I thought I might have been so over it after a week, maybe I'm just someone who loves wearing next season's clothes, when its winter I have an urge of wearing skimpy dresses and summer I want some fur, but who doesn't like having something to look forward to? Apart from the press day itself Matches has also very generously got me some great Raoul mini purse, how can I not like this shop? ♥

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