Monday, 11 April 2011

Blue hearts

ohhh haha as promised me (we) actually managed to actually make something. We've been busy getting our hand on many different things. Its been pretty amazing to create something out of nothing (does this phrase exist?) Last week I found some electric blue nappa leather and fell totally in love with it, it kinda gave me adrenaline rush like I did when I saw such vibrant colour in some vintage Gazette du Bon Ton during my fashion history lesson (it was centuries ago but you see it did make an impact yay haha). I can't wait having my little clutch to be done yaya, and Ive been really grateful to receiving this, I know it looks like something easy to make, but as a matter of fact this is not something you can finish in an hour (only if you can do leather double stitching by hand in lightspeed). It's great to make something one of a kind and to have something to hold onto when throw away and fast fashion is everywhere. Meanwhile I'm making some beaded leather collar and perhaps some earrings made out of extensions, cant wait to show you all :)

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