Friday, 4 March 2011

Revealed and Disguised

Diy nibbled tee, Topshop cardigan, harness and skirt. Customized vintage leather jacket, Vintage Pakamac. Vintage hat from Angel's, vintage sunglasses, Topman beanie and vintage boots.

As I've excitedly said (a century ago) I just got a vintage 60s Pakamac in Portobello Market, I've finally got a chance to have some pics taken. The parka is made of PVC and its old so it wasn't particularly easy to move without being a little more cautious than usual. But this mac has definitely revealed my inner crush on 2-tones haha. Whilst being joked around and dubbed as a mad fashion teacher, here I am, with pretty much what Ive been into: stripes, my vintage Angels hat (this is always a sure winner), harness which I found its true function which is to make my cardigan stay in place and served as a belt, and as mentioned, two tones. I can't really bear to wear anything thick and clumsy since its spring, whilst its still freezing cold some days, I can't wait to wear some tees and maybe a cozy jacket with bare legs♥.

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