Saturday, 5 March 2011

Paperchasing fashion

Topshop 214 magazine SS11 issue. Monki magazine SS11 issue

As an FCP student, its not surprising to know how hard the magazine industry has got since the outburst of information on the internet. Whilst you can pretty much get every piece of information online, I'm still one of those who prefer to read a tangible magazine, feeling the texture of papers and proudly put them onto my bookshelf in alphabetical order. Ive recently picked up Topshop's magazine and have Monki's own magazine delivered to me (whilst a Monki shop in London is still nowhere to be seen *sobs*). It takes immense effort to make a great magazine and Topshop and Monki's come some of my favourite ones. At least a good magazine can brighten my day up a little bit while I was broke (Im never on a shopping ban cos it just won't last more than 3 days aha). Topshop's 214 magazine has pretty much got everything I wanted: pretty clothes, interviews and some exciting news (won't you just sssccrreeaammm when you know they are gonna do a collaboration with Pamela Love!?????). Bright colours, good images and reallllyy good layouts. As an promotional magazine, I think they've done a really good job (at least they make you want to keep it, if not breaking your bank), whilst we are not comparing it with Comme des Garcons' six magazine because they serve different function, Topshop's magazine is one of the best promotional magazines on high street. As for Monki, I love the way they putting real people in. By having customers' contribution, Monki is reachable and user-friendly (and a friendly price tag of courseee). I'm not very into magazines that throw in a bunch of products and they just end up becoming a catalogue more than something inspires you. Topshop's magazine is available in store and you can sign up on Monki's website to get a free copy of Monki magazine :)

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