Thursday, 31 March 2011

Creeping for the sun

Balenciaga-esque platforms, Topshop jeans.

Got these Balenciaga style platforms from a Korean seller, unbelievably friendly price, super ego-boosting, these 6 inches babes reign top 5 of the list of my favourite things atm.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Bal de la Couture

Hottest babes atm, Freja and Arizona fro Numéro #121, photography by Karl Lagerfeld
source: fgr

Oh so matchy, Oh so gorge, Oh so in love

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Who you are, and some Yohji Yamamoto

Zara Coat, Topshop faux leather bralet, New look dress, vintage boots, DIY hairband.
Yohji Yamamoto pin and badge, H&M bracelet.

I've been pretty excited about Yohji Yamamoto's exhibition at the V&A, that's why I went there whilst I was expecting quite a crowd. Obviously it brought me no surprised and I just got a little carried away and decided to paid the museum another visit some other time (that's some privilege as a member, unlimited access to chargeable exhibitions hehe!) Yet it made me feel a little, just a little gutted in regards to what fashion seemed to generate nowadays. Not until today did I realized there are actually quite bunch of people who, are not genuinely appreciating fashion as it should be, or maybe am I just unconsciously, pretty selfishly thinking everyone should think like me? (ooooops). Fashion is never about what you wear, in fact, is never about clothes. As I said I like designers who uses fashion as a medium to portray what they see the world is. So, fashion is not fashion, fashion is style, fashion is art, and fashion is your portrait. I dare not to say fashion is life, in fact nothing is going to take over your life and having full capacity of your life. Then, point is, I feel gutted, and a little lost when I saw people going to an exhibition just for the sake of it, and heading straight to the museum shop for some souvenir (Sorry for not assuming everybody who does this has a membership card like me). I asked myself is it what people (even those who works in the industry) do, whilst knowing obviously that's not the case, but you just can't help feeling a little put off, really.
While I said to myself, I'm paying the V&A another visit, have a genuine look through and a taste of the real Yohji, without too much interruption, I know dressing up is something I like to do to please myself (and to redeem some self confidence maybe haha), but this is never something I would want myself to do for life. I want to use fashion as a medium to portray myself, not my look, but my, rather cheesy, the spirit inside.
Finding yourself and doing what you think is right is never easy (now music on: Jessie J's who you are hahaha), I hope someday I can be proud to be who I am and for what I'm doing. Righhtt enough blab on, I'm getting emotional haha ( after listening to one of my fav. singer atm Jessie J), don't forget to pay V&A a visit while you can, have a taste of real fashion, fashion that lives.
Plus, let's pray for Japan, there's nothing to do with me being emotional, its about lives.

Album of the week: Jessie J - Who you are

Friday, 11 March 2011


I've always been a little too shy to post my looks on I'd be comfortable to put what I wear on my blog but not really brave enough to have my face on display to everyone haha, but I decided to give it a try this week. Today I found out Trashionmag chose my look as one of their favourites this week. Thanks Trashionmag for picking me whilst I've still got no hypes on my lookbook (it doesn't necessarily mean I know how it works even tho I've been seeing LB for centuries haha). I've just got some awesome heels (and with ridiculously friendly price tag as well), will try to have a little sharing here soon :)

Thursday, 10 March 2011

CANDY Poster

As Ive said I was in the team of CANDY the BBC short film. I've just received the official poster shot by Kasia (who happened to be another St. Martins graduate I met in the shoot), whilst the team is still undergoing its post-production, I can't wait too see the film!
visit the director Kinga's blog at

Sunday, 6 March 2011

A week's worth of inspirations

source: Around the City Vintge

source: Jak and Jil for


source: Frou Frou

source: Park and Cube

source: Jak and Jil for

source: Jak and Jil for

source: Jak and Jil for

source: Jak and Jil for

source: Purple Diary

source: Around the City Vintage

Please let me know if you know the credit of these images
Have a lovely weekend.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Paperchasing fashion

Topshop 214 magazine SS11 issue. Monki magazine SS11 issue

As an FCP student, its not surprising to know how hard the magazine industry has got since the outburst of information on the internet. Whilst you can pretty much get every piece of information online, I'm still one of those who prefer to read a tangible magazine, feeling the texture of papers and proudly put them onto my bookshelf in alphabetical order. Ive recently picked up Topshop's magazine and have Monki's own magazine delivered to me (whilst a Monki shop in London is still nowhere to be seen *sobs*). It takes immense effort to make a great magazine and Topshop and Monki's come some of my favourite ones. At least a good magazine can brighten my day up a little bit while I was broke (Im never on a shopping ban cos it just won't last more than 3 days aha). Topshop's 214 magazine has pretty much got everything I wanted: pretty clothes, interviews and some exciting news (won't you just sssccrreeaammm when you know they are gonna do a collaboration with Pamela Love!?????). Bright colours, good images and reallllyy good layouts. As an promotional magazine, I think they've done a really good job (at least they make you want to keep it, if not breaking your bank), whilst we are not comparing it with Comme des Garcons' six magazine because they serve different function, Topshop's magazine is one of the best promotional magazines on high street. As for Monki, I love the way they putting real people in. By having customers' contribution, Monki is reachable and user-friendly (and a friendly price tag of courseee). I'm not very into magazines that throw in a bunch of products and they just end up becoming a catalogue more than something inspires you. Topshop's magazine is available in store and you can sign up on Monki's website to get a free copy of Monki magazine :)