Monday, 28 February 2011


I've been such a slacker for not posting something interesting haha, was gonna have a post about my temp job 2 weeks ago and here you goooo! I worked with Max Clark for a BBC See short film called CANDY. Directed by Kinga Burza and inspired by Kevin Brook's novel Candy. The film was all about teenage, first love and (a fair amount) of sex element involved. I'm not gonna go on too much about the details since I'm evil and want to keep you guys excited ahah. The plot itself was great and of course the cast. Ella who was Candy was such a sweetheart, Ben as Joe was a promising great actor (and nvr let you notice he is 24 ahah) and I met Luke stars Iggy in the film, who's a graduate of St. Martins and we went on about days at Back Hill. It was really fun experience and it kind of surprises me making films brings me perhaps even more joy than watching one. I was really grateful to be part of such enthusiastic team. I'm sure its gonna be beneficial not just in terms of my CV but to me its a new way to see something I would be stupid to miss.

CANDY will be out in April at BBC See channel.

p.s. righttt I know I'm massively late but I just never feel like joining the crowd reporting about fashinon weeks, but before Paris Fashion Week finishes I'm sure I will be able to have some published, so stay tuned :)!

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