Friday, 25 February 2011


From top left: Topshop brown brogues, Topshop two tone brogues, vintage black brogues. Vintage stone woven lace ups, Deena & Ozzy 2 tone lace ups and black patent sling back lace ups. Comme des Garçons for Repetto white fluffy lace ups.

Its been quite a century since I got myself first pair of brogues. I still remember how thrilled I was when I put them on. My first pair of brogues weren't particularly well made, nor did they cost me a fortune but I felt sort of special and empowered with them on. Brogues and lace ups are always my favourite kinds of shoes. Heels don't always make my heart race as often as seeing a beautiful pairs of brogues. These traditional English shoes have heritage and timeless style, which is one of a few classic fashion items that I'm truly in love with.
Whilst still lusting after those Church's studded and toungued brogues and what-the-hell-won't-you-just-be-in-love-with-those-Prada-brogues (Ok it might have gone too far name-wise), these shoes have been with me trotting through perhaps a few cross-continent distance, with this they deserves everything, not only some shelf space, but a lot of my love.

p.s. too many posts to go! Promise will try to have them all published asap!

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