Saturday, 29 January 2011

Places exist Just when we need them, and times like this Just when we need them

Zara faux fur coat, vintage shirt, Topshop Jumper and leggings.
Urban outfitters belt, vintage Chelsea boots, Comme des Garcons bag.
song of the day: Au Revoir Simone - Tell me (Clock Opera Remix)

I've been wanting a coat like this despite my boyfriend said it makes me look like a walking mob *laughs*, would be amazing to team this coat up with some fierce heels but I was about to go to some car boots sales (turns out they're not on today, mehhh). Still I love mixing something dressy with something casual, that's why I can't really have my style glued onto one place (and maybe this is why Ive got quite a schizophrenic wardrobe? *laughs*). I'm absolutely in love with the jumper since they've got sort of a peek-a-boo feature, and with those metallic cords hanging along the ribs I think it can sort of make any outfit look interesting. (this explains why I want the whole Craig Lawrence collection ;p). It's far too cold outside, so I better have a cozy night in ♥

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