Tuesday, 25 January 2011


As I tried to stuff myself with information this week because of the Menswear fashion week, I feel like I need to get some pictures updated since I've just finished my placement at Dazed and hopefully I would be able to write about my new placement which starts this week ehhhe. It's been really amazing to be part of the team. It's still kind of surreal to have worked with my favourite stylist in the world (aka Katie Shillingford, duuuhh), photographers that blew my mind away, and I enjoyed being so carried away by things in the cupboard (I was often being found out wearing outrageous samples whilst I was tidying up the place llloollz). With myself being myself, I was pretty amazed by how lucky I was since I don't hate it after I work at Dazed (Sometimes when expectations and reality don't meet.), in fact I love this magazine, this place even more. I wish sometimes after I graduate I can go back and to work with this amazing team again. I believe the end of every journey is the beginning for the journey way home.
With lots of love,

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