Friday, 14 January 2011

Do it like a boy

Customize grey sweat and vintage leather jacket, vintage black jumpsuit, Topshop faux leather bralet, H&M snood.

I've always been having a love-hate relationship with jumpsuits. I felt like they'll only look good to people who are above 5'7'' and whilst I'm barely 5 foot, I cant help putting them on and feel rubbish eeekk. Yet luckily after its been on trend for a century, I managed to find some which I can pull off (with thanks to a belt of course!). Jumpsuits to me can be pretty versatile. I was putting the sweat and the bralet on with some pearl earrings and felt like Madonna (in the 80's for sure) and I decided to put the jumpsuit on, just because I felt like wearing something long and somehow I realized I accidentally channeled my inner Rei Kawakubo onto the outfit, so whether you're convinced, this look is about Madonna meeting Rei, about girl meets boy. (ritte I started to feel like you're gonna say wteves by the time you reach here haha). But what's better than portraying your thoughts through what you wear in terms of style? This is what's interesting in fashion I guess.

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