Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Slashed top from voodooist eye Central, H&M bikini, vintage leather skirt worn underneath, Miss Selfridge sandals, vintage sunglasses, all necklaces DIY.

I guess everything just looks better under the sun.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Hawaiian summer

Topshop black vest, Topshop palm tree top, vintage belt, white wide leg costume trousers from Angel's fancy dress, DIY necklace

I had been looking for a chance to wear this lovely trousers which I got from Angel's mega sale last year, originally i bought this just because of its texture (i was thinking Issay Miyake) and for its versatility in terms of my styling works. It turned out i can pull this off with a chunky belt tied tightly on my waist and make it looked like a maxi skirt. It was kind of a pain to wear too much in Hong Kong, usually I would team this with a leather jacket when Im in London. I got asked where I got these trousers from when I was in Selfridges, so I guess this is one of the best buys in my wardrobe (sorry for the rather foggy effect since we were just out from the Joyce and Lane Crawford outlet)


Saturday, 14 August 2010

Incarcerated bodies II

As Ive said the interview feature for my magazine Ms X was divided into 2 parts. Here comes the interview I did with Canadian-born designer Melissa Barber, founder of Jewellery label The Chains of Love, enjoy <3

Part II

image courtesy of Melissa Barber

Melissa Barber, 29

Owner of online jewellery store The Chains of Love

Online jewellery label The Chains of Love launches the summer collection. Designed by Canadian born Melissa Barber, the jewellery label The Chains of Love is one of the strongest up and coming online jewellery boutiques. As seen on various fashion blogs and even H&M, body jewellery is definitely defining another chapter of jewellery history.

Inspired by the ‘neutrals and military look’, the collections includes stone necklaces, which she named them the ‘Garden Party’ pieces, and the label’s iconic provocative designs such as the bralette and harnesses, best worn with tank dresses and glam up your formal wear with these flirty jewellery pieces.

It seems making jewellery is the easiest and quickest way to earn a few bucks when what you do is taking care of two boys at home (if you are completely hopeless with sewing machines.) The 29-year-old designer, who had been working a Jane job in retail, started up her business when her fiancé got laid off. Instead of going through a trauma shedding sweat and tears, the chance just fell onto Melissa’s lap.

Whilst making jewellery is the last thing Melissa could see herself doing, the designer set up her business The Chains of Love in 2008.

Apart from metal and sterling silver made body jewellery, Melissa’s collection has indicated that the designer is welcoming changes and experiments. The designer has recently adapted different sorts of materials into her designs, such as colour chains, pearls, jades and quartz.

The label’s succeed doesn’t come from nothing. Melissa’s persistence in producing high quality yet affordable jewellery pieces surely won over a lot of hearts. These pieces are creating sex appeal in every detail, from swallows in between the bra shaped frames to the knife pendant lying still in between the collarbones, they are dangerous yet irresistible.

Melissa believes you can get inspirations from anything. From people in the city to magazines to the designer’s personal shopping experiences, Melissa creates jewellery pieces that compliment the outfit, and appreciate the body. Just because nothing feels sexier than communicating with your body and loving what you have, my favourite is the leg chain because we’ve got an alternative to put our legs on display proudly without splashing money on Chanel’s here today, gone tomorrow temporary tattoos.

With a regular and an expanding cliental, the designer is proud of how far The Chains of Love is reaching all over the world. The much-loved label has been featured in various fashion blogs and magazines. Melissa described her customers as ‘fearless, fashion forward, and sassy.’

These tangled messes have definitely brought her more than a few bucks to pay her gas bills (The designer even had some of her jewellery pieces auctioned for charity recently!). Thanks to The Chains of Love, which made us realize wrapping yourself up with chains doesn’t look as if you’ve got inspired by Prison Break.

Perhaps we need to stop moaning how the economy made our bonuses vanished in the stock market and how we sick of buying things on ebay, because finally the economy is doing us something good.

For more information, visit


Friday, 13 August 2010

Bande À Part

Dazed September 2010, styled by Joanna Schlenzka, shot by Max Farago

Early sixties, black and white, brogues, knits, youth and Joanna Schlenzka, ive got everything i need.

How I love Black and white editorials in Dazed. I remember seeing an editorial from Dazed with strong reference to Walker Evans' documentary photos, its never hard to switch your colour images into B&W in photoshop, but its the spirit thats so hard to find, and Dazed is still on the top of my fav magazine list. This is one of my fav editorial this year so far x

Ginger fantasy

Alana Zimmer in Marie Claire Italia August 2010, shot by Txema Yeste
source Fashion gone rouge

Since I got my ginger wig, Ive gone all nuts about ginger hair girls, forgive me if you saw me dress like this some day.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Cats in rain

Dazed September 2010, Styled by Karen Langley, shot by Will Davidson.

Knowing Dazed is still in progress of redefining their identity, I think they're getting there (if not, already). Some of the editorials in the September issue caught my eye. Styled by Karen Langley, shot by Will Davidson, youth and rain just can't go wrong . On a side note, I wish they can keep the font, I haven't got hold of the actual copy, Im hoping they are doing the layout just as great as the editorials.

Vogue Italia August 2008, shot by Steven Miesel

Speaking of rain, I can't help reminding myself how amazing Vogue Italia did it in the Aug 2008 issue, having the setting in a funeral, with no surprise rain is one of the best accessories. Im amazed how one element can be utilized in different ways, I just love rain.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Raquel Zimmermann by David Sims for Uniqlo's +J A/W10 collection by Jil Sander.
source tfs

For ages I couldn't make my mind up on how I feel about Raquel Zimmermann. Knowing she is so much loved my luxury brands and can basically be everything, from innocent girls to fierce city woman, sometimes I feel she lacks a little bit of character. Unlike models like Abbey Lee and Leigh Lezark, she doesn't have a very clear look for the audience, maybe which is why she fits everything, but this image just won me over. Raquel is showing what she has (with a little help from Jil, for sure), this maybe completely personal, but isn't personal points of view always something hard to find? Now I'm ready to see her everywhere in London.

Chained ginger

Vintage turban, ginger long hair wig, vintage white blouse, Topshop leggings, Topshop wedges, Christopher Kane AW09 show tote, DIY arm chain, Erikson Beamon bangle.

Ive already forgotten how I looked in long hair since I bleached my hair to white few years ago. Recently Ive found a really decent wig and officially ended my wig-hunting journey. The ginger colours matches unexpectedly well (I can't not admit because ginger makes me looks a little vicious that's why I like it so much). Ive put on my DIY arm chain and Im happy that it didn't break. I didn't have a chance to photograph my body chain but I would love to show you some images as soon as I can.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Hanne and Grace

source: fashion gone rouge

Hanne is my new muse.
I remember I first saw her picture on Jak and Jill, I've never seen anyone who wears a knitted turban as cute as her, Im gonna make a collage of her images and stick it on my wall.
On a side note, doesn't she reminds you a little bit of Grace Coddington?
I love you, Hanne.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Flower of my secret

suspender belt Agent Provocateur

bra Topshop, necklace Vintage

shoes Primark

I was thinking since when have I become a fan of still life, I vaguely remember it happened when I read my first Jewellery feature in French Vogue. This is one of my first few attempts of still life shoots for Ms X, enjoy

Friday, 6 August 2010

i-D Pre-Fall covers

image source: tfs

It's pretty new for i-D to have its cover printed in Black and white, I've heard i-D is launching its new website and I guess there would be a change in format in the actual magazine as well. I'm not a big fan of Naomi Campell, but this cover is great. I guess I would end up getting the Gaga one though. x


The Birds

Sasha Pivovarova by Peter Lindbergh
Hitchcock is timeless.

Power white blouses

I was in search for some off white/ cream blouses since my old one had its button fell apart and got tea stains on. I went to a small vintage stall around where I live and got some cute finds.
I got 4 blouses (shirt?), and its $60 (approx £5) for all four. it was too hard to choose from a million alternative choices so I failed to choose just one. Just when you're in doubt, pull off a white shirt and a black leather mini skirt, you can rock. x