Sunday, 21 November 2010

Just a little treat

Red maxi cardigan, black leather look vest, white/ cream loose knit vest, leopard print short, Ashish for Topshop tee, camel/black stripe shirt, black lace dress, black lace and pleat dress, white chiffon dress, lace pocket shorts, Kate Moss for Topshop bra, purple satin and mesh bra, all From Topshop.

I've always been struggling whether I should put shopping related posts on the blog since I always want my blog to be about style rather than pure fashion (since I consider the term 'fashion' carries a time span), but I guess having a little sharing of what I bought is one of the ways to share what inspires me? *laughs* and after all I guess everybody loves fashion love shopping haha. So yeh I just had some retail therapy this weekend after a pretty long week at Dazed. (This is one of the 36735 reasons to shop). I think nobody can resist getting some cute undergarments for £2 at Topshop, and considering maths had just become the most exciting thing when it was related to fashion, I did some maths and went pretty nuts when I realized I bought this pile of £380 worth beauties for £58. Now I'm pretty ready for winter and ready for another exciting week at work.

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