Sunday, 14 November 2010

Fashion fantasies

I was annoyed cos they used all those cheap reflective glass for the frame and they all end up got my face fully reflected *sob*

Yeep I am still trying to get everything checked on my exhibition list. This week I went to the Drawing Fashion exhibition at the Design Museum. The exhibition showcases iconic works from fashion illustrators from the 1910s to present. From Erte and Lepape to Mats Gustafson, the exhibition demonstrates the influence of fashion illustration to the industry itself. Whilst fashion illustration isn't an inevitable way to portray fashion, it captures the spirit of fashion under every fashion illustrators' hands. (and hell yeh I didnt notice how much I love René Gruau when I noticed how much I have been moved by his drawings until they all got laid out in front of me).
One thing that disappointed me a little was that apparently every piece of work was taken from a private collection, meaning we won't necessarily be able to see every influential illustrators (ie. one of my fav. illustrator David Downton). However I got pretty emotional inside when I saw how they portray fashion with the contribution of their emotions and passion. Thanks to this exhibition, I feel like I need to sharpen my pencils and get some of my wildest fantasies visualized on pieces and pieces of paper.

Drawing fashion at the Design Museum, London
open now until 6th March, 2011.

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