Sunday, 28 November 2010

Confuse me

epic failure, they've got a zillion knots inside

was paying a visit to the Horse Hospital costume hire, and then I died.

without a doubt this is one of my fav. pieces

not to mention some original vivienne westwood

selection of clothes I brought from beyond retro and rokit for katie

won't be long until get some close ups for those Duffy rings (claws?) when Katie's back in the office eeek

As the team started to get ready for the Feb issue of Dazed, we got so, so hectic in the office but yay I got something really interesting to do. I went to Beyond Retro 3 times a week and got quite a few selections of clothes for Katie, and Im so, so thrilled to see what we got when we were packing the suitcase. I can't wait to see the editorial yaaay!
One thing that excited me at Dazed is that you got to see how much impact young designers can make. I had my jaw dropped when I saw those Duffy rings, for the sake of accuracy perhaps I should call them claws, or something that triggers you to think about Robert Dudley Jr. in X-Men (they are pretty much identical, mean it!), I will definitely get you guys a closer look at them when the team is back on Tuesday yay

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