Friday, 15 October 2010


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I remember when I discover Rinko Kikuchi on the Chanel ad few years ago. She has got a delicate look but it was her eyes that made her an unforgettable face to me. I got a copy of i-D 2 years ago with her on the cover and since then she appeared in a lot of fashion mags, not to mention Vogue Japan. Shamelessly I try to channel her image in myself, and sorta realized how much I want to be a person like her. She's fierce and versatile, yet utterly delicate and feminine, and hell yeah she looks good in everything, every hair style.
Call me a loser because I still haven't watched Babel and I guess I really need to see it asap. I saw a screen cap of some sex scenes in Babel of her and some other guy, perhaps this is why it triggers me to raise up my fond of her by writing about her in the blog.
Rinko is going to be the lead character to Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami.
I guess this is no news for any one who loves her , there were some debates popped out when she was chosen as the lead character in the film, but I guess to me there's nobody who fits better to play naoko. I just need to put it here cos the trailor is already moving enough to me.
Its boring to put articles in wikipedia of her here, so google her yourself for more info haha.

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