Sunday, 10 October 2010

Dark Nouveau

Vintage black dress, Zara fur gillet, Topshop sequin gloves and crystal embellished leggings. Vintage scarf, DIY studded headband.

I feel like a big slacker when I realized how long I haven't updated this blog. I've just started my placement at Tank magazine and its been super busy, show reviews and images will be posted as soon as Ive got some time.

I was meant to upload images of the studded headband as soon as Ive got that done, but oh well now you've seen it on so I guess I can postpone a proper shoot for it *laughs*. Thanks everyone whos interested in the headband, those were quite ego-boosting experiences when I got asked where I got this headband from every time I wear it. Luckily Ive still got some material left for another one, I will seriously consider selling them when Ive got more audience. It takes time and patience to make this and thanks again for every compliment I received.


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