Saturday, 14 August 2010

Incarcerated bodies II

As Ive said the interview feature for my magazine Ms X was divided into 2 parts. Here comes the interview I did with Canadian-born designer Melissa Barber, founder of Jewellery label The Chains of Love, enjoy <3

Part II

image courtesy of Melissa Barber

Melissa Barber, 29

Owner of online jewellery store The Chains of Love

Online jewellery label The Chains of Love launches the summer collection. Designed by Canadian born Melissa Barber, the jewellery label The Chains of Love is one of the strongest up and coming online jewellery boutiques. As seen on various fashion blogs and even H&M, body jewellery is definitely defining another chapter of jewellery history.

Inspired by the ‘neutrals and military look’, the collections includes stone necklaces, which she named them the ‘Garden Party’ pieces, and the label’s iconic provocative designs such as the bralette and harnesses, best worn with tank dresses and glam up your formal wear with these flirty jewellery pieces.

It seems making jewellery is the easiest and quickest way to earn a few bucks when what you do is taking care of two boys at home (if you are completely hopeless with sewing machines.) The 29-year-old designer, who had been working a Jane job in retail, started up her business when her fiancé got laid off. Instead of going through a trauma shedding sweat and tears, the chance just fell onto Melissa’s lap.

Whilst making jewellery is the last thing Melissa could see herself doing, the designer set up her business The Chains of Love in 2008.

Apart from metal and sterling silver made body jewellery, Melissa’s collection has indicated that the designer is welcoming changes and experiments. The designer has recently adapted different sorts of materials into her designs, such as colour chains, pearls, jades and quartz.

The label’s succeed doesn’t come from nothing. Melissa’s persistence in producing high quality yet affordable jewellery pieces surely won over a lot of hearts. These pieces are creating sex appeal in every detail, from swallows in between the bra shaped frames to the knife pendant lying still in between the collarbones, they are dangerous yet irresistible.

Melissa believes you can get inspirations from anything. From people in the city to magazines to the designer’s personal shopping experiences, Melissa creates jewellery pieces that compliment the outfit, and appreciate the body. Just because nothing feels sexier than communicating with your body and loving what you have, my favourite is the leg chain because we’ve got an alternative to put our legs on display proudly without splashing money on Chanel’s here today, gone tomorrow temporary tattoos.

With a regular and an expanding cliental, the designer is proud of how far The Chains of Love is reaching all over the world. The much-loved label has been featured in various fashion blogs and magazines. Melissa described her customers as ‘fearless, fashion forward, and sassy.’

These tangled messes have definitely brought her more than a few bucks to pay her gas bills (The designer even had some of her jewellery pieces auctioned for charity recently!). Thanks to The Chains of Love, which made us realize wrapping yourself up with chains doesn’t look as if you’ve got inspired by Prison Break.

Perhaps we need to stop moaning how the economy made our bonuses vanished in the stock market and how we sick of buying things on ebay, because finally the economy is doing us something good.

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