Thursday, 12 August 2010

Cats in rain

Dazed September 2010, Styled by Karen Langley, shot by Will Davidson.

Knowing Dazed is still in progress of redefining their identity, I think they're getting there (if not, already). Some of the editorials in the September issue caught my eye. Styled by Karen Langley, shot by Will Davidson, youth and rain just can't go wrong . On a side note, I wish they can keep the font, I haven't got hold of the actual copy, Im hoping they are doing the layout just as great as the editorials.

Vogue Italia August 2008, shot by Steven Miesel

Speaking of rain, I can't help reminding myself how amazing Vogue Italia did it in the Aug 2008 issue, having the setting in a funeral, with no surprise rain is one of the best accessories. Im amazed how one element can be utilized in different ways, I just love rain.

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