Thursday, 22 July 2010

Mom's shoe wardrobe and some hair cut

Whilst I was thinking where to get some decent 90s style suede boots without a price tag which gives me a heart attack, I spent my breakfast time digging into my mom's abandoned shoe wardrobe. As you can see it was covered with dust and hidden under the loo rolls, I found some oh-so-90s-Kenneth Cole and Ferragamo, and actually some decent suede boots, and yes yes yes they are brand new, photos of what I found will be uploaded soon.

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Speaking of my hair, Ive been hoping to bleach it again like the models in the Proenza SS10 show, but apparently my hair to too dead to keep, so alternatively I ditched my blonde ends and thinking to get a Carey Mulligan pixie crop in bleached tropical colour. I haven't done the bleaching part but hopefully I can do it soon x

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