Friday, 23 July 2010

Crocs and brogues

Chris Kane for Topshop top worn as dress, Alexander Wang bra top, vintage hat, DIY necklace, Topshop brogues

Thanks to my barely 5foot height i managed to wear the top as a dress, in fact I wondered who can wear the dress version unless u're 5''8, so Im quite pleased with my height (I guess?)
Ive been wearing these brogues nearly everyday since they were really comfy, I suppose Ive worn to death but the older they look the better, sometimes I just mistaken them as vintage.
I was wearing another vintage hat from Angel's, its pretty user friendly and since all I brought back to HK were sort of costume-y hats, including a feathered tiara so in this actually looks pretty wearable and versatile.
Ive started DIY-ing jewellery as I do every summer in Hong Kong, pictures will be uploaded soon x

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